Whistleblowers that report Medicare and Medicaid fraud are entitled to compensation and protection.  The federal False Claims Act and the North Carolina False Claims Act protect whistleblowers from workplace retaliation and allow whistleblowers to receive a percentage of any recovery.

Both the federal and NC false claims acts require the whistleblower to be the “original source” of the information to receive a percentage of any recovery.  Original Source means (a) prior to public disclosure, a person who voluntarily discloses the information to the government, or (b) a person who has independent knowledge of publicly disclosed information and materially adds to the disclosure.

False Claims Act claims are often referred to as qui tam claims.  The claim, or lawsuit, is file under seal (in secret) until the government decides whether to intervene.

The most common types of Medicare and Medicaid fraud are: billing for service not rendered, up coding, bundling, billing for service that are not medically necessary, and receiving remunerations for referrals.

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