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Experience representing whistleblowers is important when choosing the best lawyer for your whistleblower case.  W. Stacy Miller, II, of Miller Law Group, has been representing North Carolina Whistleblowers in Medicaid-Medicare Fraud, Government Contractor Fraud, Pharmaceutical Fraud, and other government fraud for over 20 years.

The federal False Claims Act and the North Carolina False Claims Act encourage whistleblowers to report fraud against the government by allowing the whistleblower to receive a percentage of any recovery.  However, a whistleblower must comply with certain requirements under False Claims Act and be the “original source” of the information to qualify for an award.

It is important to evaluate the claim, the available proof, and apply law correctly to ensure that a whistleblower is eligible to receive an award.  Stacy Miller has made a career out of making sure whistleblowers receive an award they deserve, while also fighting protect his whistleblower clients from workplace retaliation by an employer.

“It takes courage to report fraud and become a whistleblower.  Individuals who make the courageous decision to stand up and report fraud, often against their own employer, deserve the best legal representation possible.  They are putting their own livelihood on the line by standing up for what’s right.  We all benefit when whistleblowers report fraud.  That is why they deserve a lawyer who has been there before, a lawyer that knows how to protect them, a lawyer that will fight to ensure they get the best result possible, and a lawyer that personally cares about them. It is truly an honor to stand beside and represent my whistleblower client.  I admire the tremendously.”  – W. Stacy Miller, II

If you are considering becoming a whistleblower, contact W. Stacy Miller, II at Miller Law Group, or call 919-348-3461, or a free consultation.

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