Beaches are irresistible to summer vacationers from Raleigh and up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Many families spend all year planning annual shore excursions. Vacationing families expect fun, relaxation and a break from everyday routine and often don’t anticipate the chance of a serious accident.

A North Carolina woman was enjoying the last night of a family trip along a beach, taking pictures and walking on the sand. The woman traveled to a neighboring state to see the youngest of her seven children, a 12-year-old boy, participate in a sporting event. The woman had spoken with her husband, who was back in Hendersonville, just two hours before she became the victim of what authorities called a drunk driving accident.

State police investigators reported a driver lost control of his car on a ramp to the beach, plowed through a closed security gate and hit a tollbooth. The Nissan flew through the air and struck and killed the 45-year-old woman.

Police took the driver into custody. The 35-year-old man was charged with DUI manslaughter and other alcohol-related charges. He was released later on $12,000 bond.

Negligent and reckless drivers who injure or kill motor vehicle accident victims may face simultaneous criminal and civil charges. Criminal prosecution follows laws and procedures in the state where the accident occurred. Civil complaints are filed against at-fault parties by crash victims or in fatal accidents, by surviving spouses, children or parents of an accident victim.

Personal injury attorneys represent injured individuals and family members to ensure victims receive rightful compensation following an accident. A lawyer can handle negotiations of insurance claims, so plaintiffs do not suffer financial losses in addition to physical and emotional hardships. When necessary, legal claims are prepared to hold negligent drivers responsible for damages they’ve caused.

North Carolina attorneys, with licenses to practice in multiple states, can assist victims who pursue out-of-state accident claims.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, ” FHP: Mom killed while enjoying scenery after driver charged with DUI crash lands on beach,” June 25, 2014