Fraud and Abuse are considered stealing from Federal and State coffers. It’s no wonder why our country is fighting to find ways to pay for healthcare. Just for the Medicare program alone, fraud and abuse accounted for $60 billion dollars in 1996.  That is almost TWICE as much as the National Institutes of Health spends on medical research in one year.  Imagine if $60 billion dollars was spent on cancer research.  Just think of how many lives would be saved.

Here is how you can help…

Become a whistleblower. The Federal False Claim Act and some State False Claims Acts not only protects those who reveal the fraud, the Acts allow the whistleblower to receive monetary compensation. The whistleblower or relator can receive up to 25% of the government’s recovery.  Why? Because the government knows that the only way the government can find out about the fraud is to rely on an insider, usually and employee of a business, to report the fraud.  Nurses, doctors, technicians, assistances, billing staffers, and coders can all have inside knowledge of Medicare or Medicaid billing. These claims are often referred to as Qui Tam Claims.

If you suspect that your employer in participating in Medicare or Medicaid fraud, abuse or overbilling call Miller Law Group for a free consultation. The attorneys at Miller Law Group have represented many whistleblowers who have reported fraud, abuse and overbilling.  To receive protection and compensation, the whistleblower must follow certain important and complicated steps.  An experienced Whistleblower lawyer or Qui Tam lawyer can help make sure you get the compensation you deserve.  Call Miller Law Group for a free consultation  (919) 383-4361, or contact us here.