In North Carolina workers in the manufacturing and production industry face hazardous work environments on a daily basis. North Carolina law allows you to obtain benefits in order to make sure a work injury does not prevent you from making a living.

A factory worker who is hurt in North Carolina may be able to get his or her bills, costs and losses covered. There are two potential legal avenues that an injured worker can pursue, including:

Workers’ Compensation: Workers’ compensation laws prevent employees from suing their employers for on-the-job injuries. Instead, employers are required to buy workers’ compensation insurance policies for their employees. Whenever a work injury occurs for any reason that is directly related to work – regardless of whether the employer of the employee was negligent – workers’ compensation provides benefits.

These benefits can cover medical costs as well as income that is lost due to partial or total, temporary or permanent disability.

Personal Injury: Because of the limitations presented by workers’ compensation, some workers are interested in pursuing third-party personal injury lawsuits. These claims can be brought if any non-employer was responsible for causing the work injury.

Third-party claims can be filed in conjunction with a separate from workers’ compensation claims. To be successful, however, you’ll need to show that the defendant was negligent or that the defendant violated some legal duty.

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