You have rights when you’re hurt by someone who’s texting and driving.

In reality, texting and driving is ultimately more dangerous than drunk driving.

That’s because science recognizes three types of driver distraction:

  1. cognitive (thinking about something other than driving);
  2. visual (taking your eyes off the road); and
  3. manual (taking your hands off the wheel)

Drunk drivers are often trying to avoid those distraction, but alcohol impairment overwhelms their efforts.

Texting drivers are engaged in all three types of distraction.  They’re reading and writing, looking at their phone, and using one or both hands to type. The results are often tragic, and too often, lethal.

Because it’s illegal to text and drive, you may also be entitled to punitive damages, in addition to damages for medical expenses, lost income, scarring, physical and emotional pain, and property damage.

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North Carolina’s Department of Transportation offers helpful tips to prevent ALL kinds of distracted driving. (Click here.)

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