Florida whistleblowers who bring claims under the False Claims Act on behalf of the government for fraud against government programs may be entitled to a monetary award.  One of the most common types of fraud against the government is Medicare Fraud and Medicaid Fraud.

Some of the most common fraudulent schemes include: upcoding, false billing, billing for medically unnecessary procedures, unbundling, billing for serviced that are not rendered.

False claims against the Medicare and Medicaid programs include:

  • Knowingly presenting to the government a fraudulent claim for payment concerning Medicare or Medicaid;
  • Knowingly using a false statement to get a claim for Medicare or Medicaid paid by the government;
  • Conspiring with others to get a false or fraudulent Medicare or Medicaid claim paid by the government.

It is important to speak with an experienced whistleblower lawyer prior to reporting the fraud.  Whistleblower claims, called qui tam lawsuits, must follow the requirements of the False Claims Act, or a whistleblower may not be eligible for an award.

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