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If you have been victim of a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, or otherwise injured by the negligence of another, it can be difficult to correctly value your claim.

To evaluate your claim, it is important to consider the 1) fault or liability, 2) the extent of your injuries, and 3) the collectability of a verdict.


If the defendant is clearly at fault, then litigation cost may be fairly minimal.  However, if fault is unclear or if the defendant has specific defenses, like immunity or contributory negligence, then litigation costs and risks increase.


This is when the good news is the bad news and the bad news is the good news.  No one wishes to be hurt more or injured worse, but as the severity of a plaintiff’s personal injures increase, so does the value of the claim. Cases involving minor injuries often do not make financial sense to litigate.


Is the potential verdict collectable?  The question is almost always answered with the amount of available insurance coverage, including UIM/UM coverage.  The more coverage that is available, the more justification there is to litigate the claim.

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