Eastern North Carolina’s Car Accident Law Firm Fights to Stop Bars From Serving Drunk Drivers

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Drunk driving remains a national crisis. Despite the work of MADD and government groups, thousands of innocent drivers and passengers, just like you are injured, or worse killed, every year by drunk drivers.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR) recently learned that SEVENTY PERCENT of drunk driving fatalities are caused by “hardcore” drunk drivers. That means people who are experienced at drunk driving and or drunk extremely large amounts of alcohol.

Over one-third of repeat offenders involved in fatal crashes had a blood alcohol level that AT LEAST TWICE the legal limit.

Bars and restaurants are contributing to this trend.  Under North Carolina law (and most other states) it’s illegal for a bar or restaurant to continue to serve alcohol to someone they know OR SHOULD KNOW is drunk.

Once a bartender or server has given someone five or six drinks of anything, common sense should tell them that person is impaired and should not drive, nor should they be served any more.

Business Insider Magazine reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that drivers can be dangerous impair well before they are actually legally drunk.

When our firm learns you were hurt by someone who got drunk at a bar, or who was drunk when they got there and the bar kept serving them, we push back on the bar or restaurant, as well as the driver. The law gives you rights against those businesses that adjusters simply won’t tell you about. That’s why we’re here.

We believe in protecting not just you, but everyone’s families and communities by raising awareness about drunk driving and fighting back against irresponsible bars that make the roads more dangerous for us all.

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