As winter approaches, you may be considering riding your motorcycle throughout the season. While North Carolina doesn’t always get freezing weather or snow storms, it’s still a good idea to review some ways you can keep your motorcycle in the best condition and stay safe on the roads.

Check the quality of your tires before you hit the roads in the winter. As the air temperatures change and road conditions alter, it’s important that they can stand up to the conditions. Make sure the air pressure is correct, because it’s likely to drop by one to two pounds per every 10 degrees the temperature drops. Losing a few PSI won’t cause too much damage, but allowing it to go too far can, at the very least, drag down your gas mileage. In worse-case scenarios, a tire could go flat or shred from a lack of air pressure.

The friction between the tire and ground matters, too, so choosing tires with enough tread helps keep the tires moving correctly while funneling away sleet, snow or water. Also wait before you start to speed up; tires need to warm up to around 135 degrees before they’re at their best.

Always be prepared for other drivers at this time of year. Potholes and slick areas can make drivers suddenly move into another lane or slam on their brakes; you should always keep enough space between yourself and others on the road. If someone still causes an accident and hits you despite you taking extra precautions, you have every right to look into your legal options for compensation. Our website has more information on the next steps to take.