The simple answer is YES, you can get a rental. It just may be more difficult since it’s a holiday.

However, Thanksgiving is the largest travel holiday. Car rental agencies, especially at and near airports and train terminals, are open.

Many people are not working today, but those companies usually are.

If you can get your claim set up with the other driver’s insurance company, they can probably get you a rental vehicle.

If you can’t get the driver’s company on the phone, contact your own insurance company for help.

If you’re in another state, you can rent a vehicle and the liability carrier should cover the “one-way” charge if you have to leave it somewhere other than where you rented it.  Talk about that on the phone before you agree to anything.

Don’t get into specifics about your personal injuries, if any. They don’t need to know ANY of that to set up repair work for your vehicle or to set up a rental vehicle.

Just be patient if you can: this is not an easy process on other days, and the holiday complicates it. Still, you can do it. If you have a personal injury from the wreck, give us a call at 919-348-4361 or contact us by clicking here for a risk-free consultation. We’re closed to be with our families on Thanksgiving, too, but we’ll be back in touch with you shortly to help.

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