In North Carolina every year thousands of people are hurt in car accidents. The most common type of car accidents are head-on collisions, side impact and rear-end collisions. There are a range of injuries that can result from being in one of these types of car accidents. However, one of the most common injury our firm sees from car accidents are back injuries. Back injuries can involve strains, soft tissue injuries, bruising, fractures of the vertebral body, disc herniation and even spinal cord injuries.

The most common reasons for car accidents are driver fatigue, texting while driving or distracted drivers, and driving while intoxicated. Because back injuries can result in an injury to the spinal column, your condition may worsen if it is not treated immediately. Some of the common back injury symptoms are back pain, pain that goes up and down your legs, weakness in your muscles, numbness or tingling in your legs and/or arms, and loss of use of your extremities.

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