If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, the whole experience can be traumatic.

Even relatively small accidents can cause stress and anxiety in dealing with the aftermath.

This country was built on the idea that everyone is a little different. Some of those differences mean that we each deal with trauma differently.

Some people walk away from terrible accidents and injuries, and don’t have any emotional or mental consequences. Others aren’t so lucky.

If you or family members notice that, after a wreck, you’re more agitated, have sudden panic attacks, or have significant emotional reactions when driving or riding in a car, these could all be signs of emotional or mental trauma from the accident. These can be the founding blocks of more serious, long-term problems like post-traumatic stress disorder.

So you MUST see a doctor if you notice these things or a family member mentions something to you. The only way to recover your health, AND the only way to recover in your claim, is to have a doctor investigate your condition and see what treatment you need.  It may be very minor treatment or it could be significant.

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