If you’ve lost a family member to a car accident, trucking collision, or other incident caused by someone else’s negligence, the confusion and demands of an insurance claim can be overwhelming.

Seeking legal advice is always an important early step to determine what your family should do in these cases.

It’s critical to remember that in a wrongful death case in North Carolina, you only have a two year statute of limitations, meaning two years from the date of death. That sounds like a lot of time, but in the legal world, it’s really not.

If an insurance adjuster tells you that you have three years, whether they lie or just aren’t paying attention to the claim, the law will not make an exception just because you relied on that information.

Additionally, steps such as setting up an estate, contacting Medicare or Medicaid, and other critical issues must be addressed quickly in order to protect the claim and your family.

If adjusters start calling, you have every right to tell them that you will contact them when you’re ready to talk. Just remember that they are hoping you won’t call, and they aren’t going to call you back.  They WANT the statute of limitations to run, and once it does, there will be no recovery on the claim, no matter how clear-cut it might be.

At the Miller Law Group, we want to respect your privacy and your family’s opportunity to grieve. However, we know it’s critical to start gathering evidence and putting all the correct parties on notice as soon as possible. That’s why, once you’ve hired us, we try to minimize your involvement in the early stages of the case. We’ll need to get personal information to set up the file, but then we want to take the burden of dealing with the liability insurance companies off of your family while you deal with tragedy.

We’ll need your help as the process goes forward, and we’ll keep you informed, but we see part of our job as shouldering the burden early on, so you don’t have to. With over 50 combined years of experience, our personal injury lawyers know the law, the timing, and the evidence needed to pursue these claims and protect your family.  Call us today at 919-348-4361 or click here to set up a free consultation.  We’ll only help if we think your family will do better with us than without us, and we only get paid if we get you a recovery.

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