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Federal and state False Claims Acts were created to encourage whistleblowers to report fraud against the government. To encourage reporting of fraud, the FCA allows a whistleblower to receive a percentage of any recovery.  This is called the Relator’s Share, which can be up to 25% to 30% depending on whether the government intervenes.

Whistleblower claims, called qui tam lawsuits, are required to be file under seal (meaning in secrete) to allow the government to decide whether to intervene in the case.

5 important things you need to know before reporting fraud.

  1. Do not speak to anyone other than your lawyer. The Original Source Rule could cause you to be ineligible for an award.
  2. You must retain an attorney. Because whistleblowers file qui tam lawsuits on behalf of the government, the law requires whistleblowers to be represented by counsel.
  3. Medical Records: There is an expectation in HIPPA that allows you to produce medical records of others to you lawyer, if you are doing so in a good faith to report fraud against the government.
  4. Documents: Do not access portals or documents that you are not allow to access in your normal daily job duties.
  5. Retaliation: If you are retaliated against by your employer for reporting fraud, you are entitled to protection under the False Claims Act.

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