Emergency Child Custody in North Carolina is a very serious matter and difficult to obtain.  Here are 3 things to know.

  1. Hire a lawyer.  The burden for emergency custody is high.  Even higher if you are not a natural/legal parent (ie: you are a grandparent).  Having an experienced lawyer who knows the law regarding emergency custody and knows how to get the evidence presented to the court, could be a make or break in your case.  Don’t assume because you have the evidence in your hand or on your cell phone, that a judge will be able to consider it.
  2. Act quickly.  Keeping children safe is key and the more recent your allegations are to the time you file your complaint, the better the argument is that the risk is substantial and immediate.
  3. Understand that getting the emergency order is just the first step.  Even if you are granted emergency custody, you will need to return within 10 days for a hearing on temporary custody.  Do not waste time and gather as much evidence as you can to support your case!

If you have questions about emergency custody contact our office to speak with our attorney today!

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