Government Investigations

Government Investigations & White Collar Defense

Government investigations come in many forms.  However, all require a swift response by experienced legal professionals.  Being able to trust and rely on seasoned counsel in trying times is critical.  Getting help at the first sign of trouble can ensure regulatory compliance and avoid an investigation altogether or help mitigate the impact if one does come to fruition.

The attorneys at Miller Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience in the criminal justice system, working as defense counsel, in prosecution, and with judges.  This experience allows us to provide our clients with a unique understanding of how agencies at both the state and federal level conduct their investigations.

Our attorneys have been trusted by a wide array of clients, including executives, government officials, business owners, corporations, and political parties.  We guide clients through each stage of government investigations, whether that means conducting an internal investigation to avoid government involvement in the first place, or representation through trial.

If you or your business is subject to a government investigation, do not hesitate.  Contact Miller Law Group, and let our attorneys guide you through the stresses of government investigations.

Practice Focuses

  • CARES Act and PPP Compliance
  • White Collar Investigations
  • Political Investigations
  • Ethics Investigations
  • Legislative Investigations
  • Internal Fraud Investigations