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Construction on both a large and small scale can be highly technical, requiring skill, knowledge, labor, and experience. The laws surrounding the construction industry can be similarly complex, often involving insurance law, bonds, liens, contract disputes, licensing requirements, building code specifications, and land use permits just to name a few.

This complexity can lead to disputes between two or more parties in construction agreements, and these disputes often require the help of capable attorneys. As attorneys, we use our own set of skills, knowledge, labor and experience to sort through the various claims, defenses, and remedy options available to clients, and guide clients to resolutions through mediations, arbitrations, and litigation.

Frequently, trouble in the construction industry arises from faulty or substandard workmanship, material or product defects, and breaches of contract or warranty including nonpayment for work already performed. North Carolina law protects each party in different ways, and allows contractors and subcontractors to file liens on property or make claims on surety bonds to ensure their payment. These lien and bond claims can also result in the other side paying your attorneys fees. Construction workers and companies can feel secure knowing that if they have a rightful claim for payment that is wrongfully refused, the other side may be required to pay for the claimant’s attorney.

At Miller Law Group in Raleigh, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in their construction matters, which can include contract disputes, lien filing and enforcement, warranty issues, faulty construction, and product defect litigation. Each of these types of cases come with their own complexities, and we work Contractors, Commercial Property Owners, Homeowners, HOA’s, Engineers, Suppliers, and Designers to make sure that their particular and individual needs are being met by our representation.

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