Breach of Contract

What To Do When Someone Violates A Contract

In the world of business, contracts are how things get done. Through collaboration and agreement, we move ourselves towards our goals. However, not all agreements are without flaws. Poor drafting, ambiguous terms, and changing circumstances often lead to disputes between two or more parties. When this happens, it's critical to know your rights and the possible remedies so that your business can move forward as quickly and smoothly as possible.

At Miller Law Group, PLLC, in Raleigh, we’re here to help you navigate the process of resolving complicated breach of contract disputes. Most often disputes arise from failure to pay, failure to perform a service, failure to deliver goods, failure to deliver a certain quality of goods or services, or failure to perform within a given timeframe.

When these breaches occur, the wronged party has a right to be made whole. Damages for a breach often vary. Many times, the contract itself defines which remedy or remedies the non-breaching party may pursue, and legal action is often the best or the only way to make sure the non-breaching party is made whole. Legal actions can include monetary damages that are sufficient to compensate a party for all the relevant ways in which he or she was harmed by a breach, and specific performance can force the breaching party to fulfill the contract as originally agreed upon.

The lawyers at Miller Law Group have extensive experience representing both individuals and businesses with regard to breach of contract disputes. Contract law can be complicated, and it is important to seek an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to evaluate a breach of contract claim to determine the likelihood of success, the merits, and whether the potential remedy will outweigh the costs of bringing such an action.

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