The Super Bowl: One of America’s Drunkest Days

The trifecta is upon us: America, football and booze. There’s no denying that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the country’s strongest traditions – whether you’re watching it for the pigskin or the half-time show, there’s a good chance you’re tuning in one way or another. This American tradition typically comes tied to Super Bowl parties filled with nachos, chicken wings, and beer. A whole lot of beer.

As you drive home from your respective Super Bowl celebration on Sunday, please be safe.

Your chance of being involved in an alcohol-related car accident on Super Bowl Sunday is nearly twice as likely than a normal Sunday. When comparing numbers from accidents in the United States, the University of Toronto found a 41% increase of crashes in the hours immediately following the Super Bowl. Some major cities, such as San Diego, had as high as a 117% increase in car accidents. According to data, the most dangerous time to be on the road is the hour immediately following the Super Bowl.

These stark numbers pose a risk for everyone – drinkers, non-drinkers, fans and families. The more drunk drivers who are on the road equates to a hazard for everyone, regardless of whether or not you were watching the game.

This Super Bowl Sunday, remember one thing: Fans don’t let fans drive drunk.