Should I Hire a Lawyer for my Accident?

Unfortunately, you have been in a car, bike, motorcycle truck accident.  An accident at best is a major nuisance, at worst, it can be a life changing event.  Should I go to the doctor? When should I go to the doctor?  Should I speak with the adjustor?  Can I handle the claim by myself? Do I get pain and suffering?  What about lost wages?  What do I do with all the medical bills?  These are some of the questions you may be pondering.  Needless to say, an accident can be overwhelming, especially when you are in pain from being hurt.  When deciding on whether you should retain a lawyer there are many factor to consider before making your decision.  Below is a general, but not exhaustive, list of considerations.

Most clear-cut claims generally do not require assistance from an attorney. In most cases, a claim is “clear-cut” when:

1) Fault is clear (i.e. the other driver fails to stop at a stop sign).

2) You suffer minor personal injuries, requiring very little medical attention.

3) The legal deadline, or Statute of Limitations, is not imminent.

Hiring a lawyer is necessary when:

  • There is a disagreement as to who caused the accident, was negligent or at fault.
  • There are multiple vehicles involved.
  • The adjuster is asking for more information, i.e. medical history, than you think is necessary.
  • The adjuster is asking you to settle your claim before you have finished treating with your doctor.
  • When evaluating your claim is difficult.
  • When your lost wages are not easy to establish, i.e. if you are self-employed,
  • You have been seriously injured, suffered catastrophic personal injuries (i.e. back injury, broke bones, head injury), loss of life, and/or have significant medical bills.
  • Your injuries are permanent, limiting future activities.
  • A family member has lost their life, or died as a result of injuries.
  • You or a family member needs future medical treatment.
  • Due to permanent disabilities, you will not be able to work again.

When calling a lawyer for advice, make sure you get a free consultation.  Demand that if you retain a lawyer, you get the lawyer’s full attention – not just handed off to a paralegal.  Also, ask the lawyer if he/she will promise that their legal fee will not be more than your share of the settlement.

At Miller Law Group, we believe practicing law is a profession first and a business second.  We covenant honesty, personal attention, and our best efforts. Attorneys Stacy Miller and Lacy Mau-McDowell are passionate about their representation and dedication. If you having trouble deciding on whether you should hire/retain a personal injury attorney, please call us for free advice (919) 348-4361 or contact us here.