Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect employees. The insurance covers things like the loss of limbs, illnesses, injuries caused at work due to strain or repetitive motions, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, death, medical treatment and liability coverage against lawsuits. For businesses with employees, this can be one more expense that seems unnecessary, but it is required by law and protects employers from lawsuits. Every state except for Texas requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance either through the state or a private insurer.

How can business owners focus on workplace safety to reduce workers’ compensation claims?

Business owners who have workers’ compensation should focus on safety in the workplace to help them avoid claims. They should take time to look at how safe equipment is in the workplace and make changes if guards or safety protections aren’t being used. They should create an ergonomically safe environment and train all employees on workplace safety. They should incentivize employees for being safe, whether it’s by recognizing them or offering bonuses at the end of the year.

How can employers encourage better health in the workplace?

Employers should also focus on helping those who get hurt at work get back to work. Encourage seeking medical treatment and obtaining training to get back on the job. Finally, having a wellness program at work can help keep employees in shape and healthy, reducing overall claim numbers.

After a workplace accident, employees have a right to treatment. If you are injured, report the accident to your employer as soon as possible. Talk to your employer about seeking a claim. If you need to, your attorney can help you appeal a denied claim.

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