Whistleblowers Help Recover $6.5 Million in VA Fraud Case

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The Department of Justice (DoJ) has announced that whistleblowers have helped recover $6.5 million from a biopharmaceutical company.  This settlement resolves allegations that the company violated the False Claims Act (FCA) by submitting false commercial pricing disclosures to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The DoJ alleges that the false pricing disclosures allowed the company to charge inflated prices to the VA for its human tissue graft products.

The FCA allows whistleblowers who uncover fraud against the government to bring a civil action on behalf of the government and share in any recovery.  Whistleblowers are also protected against retaliation under the FCA.  For their assistance, the whistleblowers in this case have been awarded $1,625,000 from the recovery.

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The settlement discussed above is based on allegations only.  There has been no determination of guilt or liability.

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