Under federal and state law, whistleblowers can file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the government.  The whistleblower lawyers at Miller Law Group can help you fight waste and abuse if you have uncovered fraud against the government.

Typically, to be a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit you must have suffered some harm or injury.  This is often referred to as standing.  However, in whistleblower suits it is the government that has been harmed by the defendant’s fraud, not the whistleblower.  Federal and state statutes have created an exception to this standing issue.

False Claims Acts contain sections known as qui tam provisions.  Under these provisions, a government assigns its right to bring a lawsuit to individual whistleblowers who can file suit on behalf of the government.  Although whistleblowers are asserting the government’s right to recover, they are entitled to a portion of any recovery.  They are also afforded significant protections, including confidentiality and protection from retaliation.

The Federal False Claims Act contains such a qui tam provision, allowing you to bring a whistleblower claim on behalf of the U.S. Government.  States like North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida’s whistleblower laws all contain similar provisions, allowing individuals to combat abuse of state funds.

If you have discovered fraud against the government, contact Miller Law Group today for a free consultation or call us at (919) 348-4361.  Our whistleblower attorneys can help you combat waste and abuse of taxpayer money.

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