If you’re injured at work, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure your case is handled correctly. To start with, you need to inform your employer about your injury and get the medical care you need. You may have to seek medical care immediately, and in that case, your employer should be notified as soon as possible.

If you’re not injured badly enough to need immediate medical care, talking to your employer will allow you to find out where you can see a doctor for your injuries. Otherwise, see whoever you need to see to have your injuries looked at. While you’re at the medical facility, tell the doctor that your injury is work related. That will allow the doctor to bill your care as a workers’ compensation claim.

Following this, your employer should be notified about the accident. If you’re unable to notify your boss on your own, then a family member or friend should do so. Within the next 30 days, remember to give a written notice about the injury to your employer, as this can be used for recordkeeping.

Finally, follow your medical provider’s advice and medical treatment plan, so you can recover as quickly as possible. In many cases, workplace injuries can be treated quickly, so you can get back to your job. If you’re left disabled, you may be able to seek further compensation to help you maintain your lifestyle while you recover from your injuries or work to find a new job that you can work with your new disability.

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