Unsafe acts are the top cause of on-the-job injuries. An unsafe act is when an individual who has both knowledge and control of an existing unsafe condition or action, but choses to perform the action or ignore the condition.

Workers generally perform unsafe acts in an effort to save time and/or effort. These unsafe acts can be in the form of taking a shortcut, failing to wear required protective gear, operating equipment without all safety measures in place and other similar acts. Workers that deviate from the required or accepted safe practice create a hazard to themself, co-workers and equipment.

Under North Carolina workers’ compensation law, a worker is still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if their injury is the result of their own unsafe act. Also, workers injured by the negligence of another employee’s unsafe act may be entitled to workers’ compensation against the at-fault parties.

Whether your injury on the job was the result of an unsafe at or not, it is important that you contact an attorney to discuss your case as soon as possible after the workplace accident takes place.