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Medicare Fraud and Medicaid Fraud cost the government billions of dollars every year.  The Top Rated lawyers at Miller Law Group have experience protecting whistleblowers who report healthcare fraud.

Some of the most common schemes of Medicare and Medicaid fraud include: up coding, unbundling, billing for services that are not rendered, billing for medically unnecessary services, improper referrals, and cases that violate the anti-kickback statute.

The False Claims Act was enacted to encourage whistleblowers to report fraud against government programs. In doing so, congress added a “qui tam” provision in the False Claims Act.  The quit tam provision authorizes whistleblowers to file qui tam complaints on behalf of the government.

Qui tam complaints are filed under seal to allow the government time to investigate the case.  If the government choses to intervene in the case, the government assumes the responsibility of prosecuting the claim and the whistleblower may receive up to 25 percent of any recovery.

The False Claims Act also protects whistleblowers from retaliation by employers.  Damages for retaliation may include reinstatement, 2x back pay, special damages, fines, and attorney’s fees.

It is important to speak with an experienced whistleblower lawyer prior to reporting the fraud.  The False Claims Act has specific requirements that must be followed.  Failure to follow these requirements may result in a whistleblower being ineligible to receive an award.

If you are consider become a whistleblower, contact Miller Law Group for a free consultation – or call 919-348-4361.

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