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Miller Law Group is an award-winning law firm full of car accident lawyers with over 50 years of combined trial experience representing victims of car accidents.  Miller Law Group is committed to their clients, and strives to make sure their clients always come out on top.  The firm’s results and reviews speak for themselves.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you should be focused on your recovery.  Let your Miller Law Group car accident lawyers focus on your legal claims. However, right after a wreck, it’s important for you to preserve evidence immediately:

Pictures of the Wreck:

Pictures speak a thousand words. It is important to take pictures of damage to your vehicle, pictures of skid marks left by the vehicles, pictures of road conditions, pictures showing weather conditions, and pictures of your personal injuries, including pictures as you go through treatment.


It is critical that you interview and preserve the testimony of eyewitnesses. A disinterested party (meaning someone who does not know the plaintiff) is often a more compelling witness at trial. Therefore, it is important to contact witnesses while memories are fresh.

Hiring an Attorney:

Not all car accident lawyers are the same.  It is essential to choose a lawyer with trial experience.  Ask your lawyer how many time she/he has tried case to a jury. Although most cases settle, insurance companies know which law firms will to go to trial, and which ones won’t.  They know WE WILL.

The attorneys at Miller Law Group are experienced trial lawyers, with over 100 trials between them.  Let our experience work for you.

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