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Experienced whistleblower lawyers who protect whistleblowers’ rights.  Before whistleblowers report wrongdoing, it is important for the whistleblower to seek legal advice to make sure their rights are protected.

Miller Law Group has experience representing whistleblowers and protecting the rights of whistleblowers when reporting fraud or wrongdoing by their employers or other companies.

The False Claims Act is a powerful tool in protecting and rewarding South Carolina whistleblowers when they report fraud against government programs.

The False Claims has a “qui tam” provisions, that allow whistleblowers to file claims on behalf of the government.  These claims are call qui tam lawsuits and are filed under seal, meaning in secret.  A whistleblower may be entitled to up to 25% of any recovery

The most common claims filed under the False Claims Act are claims for:

South Carolina whistleblowers have played a major role in recovering millions of dollars on behalf of the government.

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South Carolina Whistleblower Protection for Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

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