In a world where social media is being used as a primary source of communication it is important to understand the effect of using social media during your personal injury claim.

Many of us use multiple social media sites including; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, instagram, LinkedIn and others on a daily basis. We post our thoughts, our ideas, our plans and images from our daily life. Following an accident it may seem like second nature to post about the accident, upload a picture of ourselves or the accident scene or to discuss the accident with friends on social media. However, what you post regarding the accident may make or break your personal injury case.

Insurance companies and defense attorneys have increasingly turned to social media sites to gather evidence they can use to defeat your injury claim. Before posting anything about your accident on social media it is important that you discuss your case with your attorney. Your attorney can advise you of how to best avoid posting anything that would potentially damage your case.

Following your accident avoid posting pictures of your accident, your injury or of you engaged in physical activity, also avoid discussing your accident or personal injury case over social media. Check your privacy settings to ensure that anything you post is only visible to your friends and that pictures you are tagged in are only visible to you so you can control what is being posted about you.

If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident it is important that you speak with an attorney before posting information to social media websites. Contact Miller Law Group for a free consulation regarding your accident.