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Trucking collisions and fatalities are on the rise across the United States.

Even the insurance industry can’t hide the truth. According to the organization CarSurance, an industry website, fatalities involving big rigs and large buses increased by FORTY-TWO PERCENT between 2009 and 2017.

With North Carolina’s extensive network of highways, and our position at the midpoint between New York and Florida, we’re at a crossroads for truckers.

Truckers reaching Rocky Mount heading south, or who hit Lumberton heading north, may have already been on the road for eight to ten hours when they enter our state.  They are often driving in violation of Federal regulations for truck drivers.

Our firm has over 50 years of combined experience in handling accidents with tractor-trailers.

We use focus groups IN THE ACTUAL COUNTY where the wreck happened, so we know what local jurors think about the facts.

We have a national network of collision engineers, commercial driving teachers, and others to put to work if you or a family member has been injured by a large truck or commercial bus.

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