Raleigh’s Car Accident Law Firm Reveals: Texting and Driving is Getting Worse

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North Carolina law prohibits texting and driving.  PERIOD. There are no exceptions.

Why is that? Because studies show that texting and driving is often more dangerous than drunk driving, because your hands, mind, and eyes are ALL distracted from driving.

Because of the inherent dangers involved in texting and driving, if you’re hurt in a car accident with a texting driver, you may be entitled to punitive damages.  When a court imposes punitive damages, that’s done to prevent that person from repeating that conduct, but ALSO to prevent others from doing it in the future.  Punitive damages exist primarily to protect the community.

Amazingly, texting and driving is getting WORSE. A recent study by the National Safety Council found that 20% of drivers between 18 and 20 said that texting had no affect on their driver.  But rather than learning as they got older, their bad behavior is SPREADING. The same survey found that THIRTY PERCENT of drivers in the next age group of 21-34 said texting did not affect their driving.

That’s simply insane, and it has to stop. By standing up for your claim, you can stand up for your community, too.

Our top-rated car accident and personal injury lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience in dealing with car and truck accidents.  We’ve been dealing with texting and driving claims since the beginning of texting, and we know how to handle those cases.

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