Personal injury lawyers at Miller Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience representing victims of car accidents.

A common and devestating injury that can result from a car accident is a closed head injury, or concussion.  A concussion is often called a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and can have long-term consequences.

If you experience a head injury, it’s important to immediately consult with a specialist, often a neurologist.  Traumatic brain injuries can present with many different symptoms.  Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Head aches
  • Loss of memory
  • Light sensitivity
  • Confusion
  • Mood swings

If you have a history of head trauma, you may be more susceptible or at a higher risk of developing neurological deficits.  Repeated concussions have been linked to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and Alzheimer’s, as well as other neurological disorders.

Recovery from a head injury can take months, or years.  Often insurance companies are not willing to pay for the necessary medical treatment.  Miller Law Group has extensive experience representing victims of brain injuries.

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