Each year more than 2,400 pedestrians are hit by vehicles in North Carolina, and of those 2,400 pedestrians hit, 160 pedestrians are killed each year from being hit by a vehicle. Here are some pedestrian safety tips you can implement to increase your safety:

  • Use extreme caution when crossing multiple lanes of traffic. Ensure that each lane of traffic is clear before you cross.
  • When walking at night, walk in well-lit areas, carry a flashlight to illuminate your walking path and wear reflective clothing to allow vehicles to see you.
  • Avoid distraction while walking along roadways or crossing intersections. It’s become increasingly more common to see people walking with their focus on their phone rather than the path in front of them, make sure your focus is on your surroundings, especially when crossing the street.
  • Be predictable to drivers and obey signs and signals.
  • Cross the street where you have the best view of traffic.

For more information on pedestrian and bicyclist safety please visit: watchformenc.org.