Are you battling a payday lender? Do you feeling you are paying back more than is fair?  Well, you probably are.  And chances are, it is an illegal loan in North Carolina.

Payday loans are cash loans that are generally small loans with short term payments. Sometimes payday loans are called “cash advances.” Here’s the trick:  Payday loans are due in full on the next pay day. If don’t pay the balance in full on the next pay day, which is generally about two weeks, you are sucked onto a debtor merry-go-round and it may seem impossible to step off.

Payday loans are illegal in North Carolina, but that has not stopped some payday lenders.  The internet has allowed out of state payday lenders to secretly operate within North Carolina.

If you are victimized by a payday lender, contact us at Miller Law Group.  You may be entitled to statutory damages and relief from your payday loan.  Our fees are contingent upon recovery, so contact us for a free consultation, or call 919-348-4361.