North Carolina Medicaid Fraud

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As of 2019, the North Carolina Department of Justice (NCDOJ), with the help of whistleblowers, has recovered $500 million from state Medicaid fraud.

Under the North Carolina False Claims Act (NC FCA), whistleblowers who uncover fraud against the government can file a civil lawsuit to help recover public funds.  This state whistleblower law was modeled on its federal counterpart that allows similar lawsuits to combat fraud against the federal government.

Both laws provide that a successful whistleblower is entitled to a share of the government’s recovery and offer whistleblowers protection from related workplace retaliation.

Although the NC FCA applies to any type of fraud against the government, the vast majority of whistleblower claims involve healthcare fraud.  This issue has become so prevalent that NCDOJ has established the Medicaid Investigations Division (MID) to assist private whistleblowers and their attorneys combat waste and abuse of public funds.

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