W. Stacy Miller, II represents whistleblowers who report healthcare fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, government contracting fraud, and other types of fraud against the government.

With over 25 years of experience, Stacy Miller has represented whistleblowers in a varies of industries.  He has a deep understand of the federal False Claims Act, as well as state false claims acts.

The Department of Justice utilized the FCA to recover $3.7 billion from fraudulent activity.  Of the $3.7 billion recovered from governmental fraud, $2.4 billion was attributed to fraud in the healthcare industry.

“Its takes courage to report fraud against the government.  Most individuals become aware fraud through their employment.  Employees fear that if they report fraud, it might harm their employment status. The False Claim Act, not only encourages the whistleblower to report fraud by allowing the whistleblower to share in the recovery, but also protects the whistleblower from retaliation by an employer,” states Miller.

“False Claim Act lawsuits are filed under seal,” Miller says.  Meaning that such filings are in secret.  The government then decides whether, or not, to intervene in the lawsuit.  If the government intervenes, the whistleblower share may be up to 25% of any recovery.

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