When you want to file a workers’ compensation claim, you need to know the steps. Some injuries are major enough to draw your employer’s attention, so he or she will already be aware of the incident. If not, it’s important to inform him or her after you seek medical assistance. The most important thing is to get medical help, so you can begin to recover.

When should you reach out to your boss?

Once you are medically stable, reach out to your employer to discuss filing a claim. Notify him or her within the statutory deadline. Report the accident you were in even if you don’t think you have injuries initially, because if you need medical help later, you’ll want to be able to show you have a record of the incident.

You should take your medical paperwork to your office to send it with the workers’ compensation claim. This claim heads to the state workers’ compensation agency for review. If your claim is approved, you’ll receive workers’ compensation benefits. If not, you may need to file an appeal with your attorney’s assistance.

Should you notify your employer verbally?

When you notify your employer, make sure it’s in writing. It’s always a good idea to have a paper trail related to your accident, so you have documentation if you need to go to court. For example, if your employer claims you did not report the incident on time, you could show a time-stamped email to prove that you did report the incident within a reasonable amount of time.

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