Nurses, physicians, medical aids and other healthcare workers provide a valuable service to those who are in hospitals, home healthcare facilities and private and public medical clinics.  Healthcare workers, however, also bear risk of injury by a variety of harm associated with their job.

The lawyers at Miller Law Group have represented numerous nurses and other healthcare professionals as a result of injuries they sustained while on the job. Some of the most common ways healthcare workers are hurt on the job are through patient handling, abusive patients, slip and falls and infectious diseases. Such accidents often result in strained neck and lower back injuries, blood borne infections, broken bones and head injuries.

Patient care is at the forefront of every healthcare worker’s job. When a healthcare worker is injured while at work, they may be able to seek lost wages and other remedies pursuant to North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Law. Lawyers at Miller Law Group have extensive experience representing healthcare professionals who are injured while at work.

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