Injured on Someone Else’s Property? You Need Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

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If you’re injured on someone else’s property, you may or may not have a claim.

This area of law is called “premises liability“, and it’s especially tricky.

Trespassers generally have few, if any, rights, against a property owner if they are hurt on their property.

If you are on someone else’s property legally, then you MAY have a claim if you are hurt there. The entire claim depends on the facts of how you were hurt, and what knowledge the landowner, and you, had of the condition that caused your injury.

If you were hurt, for instance, because a set of wooden steps collapsed, and you had no way to know they were rotten, but the owner DID know it, or should have known it, then you probably have a claim.

However, if you had the same knowledge as the landlord, or if you should have known about the condition, then the law of contributory negligence may bar your claim.

In some circumstances, the doctrine of last clear chance may apply to save the claim. But it ALL depends on the facts.

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