How Do I Become A Whistleblower?

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A whistleblower is someone who exposes information or activity that is illegal, unethical, or immoral.  Most whistleblowers are insider-employees who blow the whistle on improper or illegal behavior by their employer.

Reporting wrongdoing is crucial in the public, private, and governmental sectors.  Whether they are stopping criminal conduct, civil fraud or abusive behavior, whistleblowers are essential to exposing corruption.

There are many different state and federal whistleblower protection laws.  It is important for whistleblowers to choose the best forum to report the wrongdoing.  Failure to report the improper or illegal activity properly can cause a whistleblower to lose important legal rights and protections that may have been available.

Therefore, it is critical for a whistleblower to speak with an experienced whistleblower lawyer before reporting the corrupt activity.

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