Witnessing a car accident can be stressful and alarming. You may wish to help the victims of the accident and under North Carolina law; some protection is afforded to those that assist victims of a car accident.

The North Carolina Good Samaritan law states that any person who renders first aid or emergency assistance at the scene of an accident to any person injured as a result of the accident cannot be liable in civil action for their acts or omissions unless there was wanton conduct or intentional wrongdoing.

There are also several things you can do to help car accident victim(s) that do not require you to provide medical assistance:

  • Pull off the road a few hundred feet from the crash and turn your hazard lights on to notify other drivers of the situation.
  • Call 911 – take note of your exact location and provide that information to the dispatcher to ensure emergency response can arrive as quickly as possible.
  • Calm the victim down and let them know you are there with them and will stay until emergency responders arrive.
  • If you are unsure of the injuries sustained by the victim, leave them in their same position until emergency crews arrive (unless a greater imminent danger exists).
  • Make sure you are safe while assisting the victim(s) by staying out of the travel portion of a roadway/highway if possible and keeping a lookout for any other possible hazards.

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