Fraud by trusted financial advisor and/or broker can cost investors million before the fraud is uncovered.  Often investors are placed in unsuitable investments, are victims of unauthorized trades, or are duped by misrepresentations.

Therefore, it important for investors to demand certain practices from their financial advisors and broker.  Below is a list of what you should expect out of your advisors and brokers:

  1. Is a fiduciary in all accounts – and puts it in writing.
  2. Makes recommendations that are reasonable and appropriate.
  3. Communicates in writing.
  4. Provides written estimates of fees and investment expenses that are paid by the advisor and/or the investor client.
  5. Avoids conflict of interests.
  6. Avoids trading without written consent.
  7. Avoids gifts and entertainment that are not incidental.

If you believe that your investment advisor or broker is not acting in best interest, or has committed fraud, contact Miller Law Group for a free consultation, or call 919-348-4361.