If your company is in business long enough it will inevitably encounter some sort of business dispute. Not all business disputes require legal representation, however, it is important to seek advice of counsel to determine if it would be cost-effective to retain a lawyer.

At Miller Law Group, we realize lawyers are not profit centers for businesses. We realize it is important for business owners to make business decisions so as to ensure their businesses are as successful as possible.

The lawyers at Miller Law Group have extensive experience representing different businesses and individuals in a variety of business disputes. Some of the types of disputes include;

1. Breach of Contract: Most often breach of contracts arise when one party fails to honor their end of an agreement or contract. Sometimes disputes arise out of the contract because it is incomplete, ambiguous or unclear. This often results in each party interpreting the language of the contract in the light most favorable to themselves.

2. Partnership Disputes: Often these disputes arise when the partners disagree to what is in the best interest of the business. Sometimes partners or business owners disagree as to their financial compensation or disagree on who should take leadership positions. Disputes can also arise when an owner or partner breaches their fiduciary duty to the business or other owners.

3. Business to Business Disagreements: Often disputes arise between businesses when one business’s actions are perceived to be unfair or deceptive within the free market. Litigation generally arises in such instances.

4. Covenants Not To Compete: It is becoming more commonplace for businesses to ask their employees to sign non-compete agreements. Such agreements bind the employee not to engage in similar business practices for a certain period of time in a specific geographical location. North Carolina courts have enforced such agreements if they are reasonable. Miller Law Group has represented both employers and employees in non-compete agreements. On occasion businesses ask employees to sign non-compete agreements that are overly broad and are thus unenforceable. Conversely, Miller Law Group has represented businesses to enforce non-compete agreements against employees who have failed to honor them.

Should you or your business be facing a dispute, our experienced law firm can help you resolve matters quickly as possible so as to prevent unnecessary costs and expenses.

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