Whistleblowers who report fraud against the government may be entitled to workplace protections and an award under the False Claims Act.  Columbia, S.C. attorney Butch Bowers, together with NC whistleblower lawyer W. Stacy Miller, II, have experience protecting whistleblowers’ rights.

The False Claims Act was enacted to encourage the reporting of fraud against the government.  Since most fraud goes unreported, the FCA incentivizes inside employees to report fraud by the employer by allow whistleblowers to receive a percentage of any recovery.

The whistleblower, called the “relator” under the False Claims Act, may be entitle to receive up to 25% of any recovery when the government intervenes in the case.  The FCA also  protects the whistleblower form workplace retaliation.

Claims are filed under seal, meaning in secret, to allow the government to investigate and decide whether to intervene.

The whistleblower must be the original source of the fraudulent information and be the first person to file a lawsuit in order to receive an award.

The most common type of fraud against he government is healthcare fraudMedicare Fraud and Medicaid Fraud are the leading governmental programs that are victims of the healthcare fraud.  In 2018, the Department of Justice recovered $2.5 billion in healthcare fraud using the False Claims Act.  The large majority of the recovery was attributable to courageous whistleblowers who report the fraud.

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