Motorcycle helmets are sometimes a point of contention. Some people believe they should be able to ride a motorcycle without them, while others think it’s necessary. In a crash, a motorcycle helmet could potentially save your life, but that doesn’t mean that if you aren’t wearing one that the other person wasn’t negligent or driving dangerously. In cases where you’re hurt, you may be compensated regardless of your helmet safety as long as someone else was at fault.

Are motorcycle helmets actually safer than riding without them?

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 37 out of 100 people killed in motorcycle accidents could have been saved if they had worn helmets. Yes, and interestingly, there has been an infographic released that points out the percentage chance of suffering an injury to your head in a crash if you aren’t wearing a helmet. This interesting take on research points out how helmets can actually help save you from a number of different injuries.

What’s the most commonly injured area of the head or face?

For example, the most commonly injured area during a motorcycle accident is the chin at 19.4 percent. People who choose to wear open-face helmets or no helmets are likely to suffer those injuries, while those with full helmets are protected against the impact.

The least likely area to suffer an injury is the top of the head at .04 percent, which points out the importance of a full face helmet, since the top of the head isn’t the only area that needs protection.

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