Whistleblower Law - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I whistle anonymously?

In the initial stages, YES.  The lawsuit is filed under seal (in secret) until the government decides whether or not to adopt the case.  Ultimately, your name may be disclosed if the case is adopted.

How much is the whistleblower entitled to receive?

Depending on certain factors, a whistleblower is eligible to receive between 10-30% of the total recovery.

What are the legal fees?

Miller Law Group charge a contingency fee (percentage) of what is collected.  The initial consultation to meet and speak with us is free.

If I report fraud are there any legal protections?

Whistleblowers are protected from retaliation by federal laws, as well as some state laws.  The False Claims Act has provisions that protect whistleblowers against retaliatory actions, such as:

  • isolation from meeting or projects
  • denial of promotion
  • demotion in job or pay
  • reduction in hours
  • suspension, fired, demoted, laid off
  • denial of benefits, or overtime

What kind of proof do I need to become a Whistleblower?

Anyone with evidence of fraud or illegal activity against the government can be a whistleblower.  While documentation of the fraud or illegal activity is extremely necessary, it is not required in order to become a whistleblower.  You do not have to be an employee or directly associated with the wrongdoer to be a whistleblower.  All that is necessary is some evidence of fraud or illegal conduct.

How do I report the fraud?

It is important for you to speak with a lawyer prior to reporting fraud.  Under the False Claims Act a lawsuit is often required.

What is the original source rule?

Generally speaking, a whistleblower must be the first one to report the fraud or illegal activity in order to be eligible to receive compensation.  It is important for the whistleblower to speak with a whistleblower or qui tam lawyer before reporting the fraud.

If I participated in the fraud, can I still be a whistleblower?

If the whistleblower planned and initiated the fraud the whistleblower cannot receive an award. However, if the whistleblower participated without any knowledge of the fraud, or was threatened or forced to participate, the whistleblower is still eligible to participate in the recovery.  For example, if a whistleblower was threatened with losing their job if he/she did not participate in the illegal scheme.

Can there be more than one Whistleblower?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of whistleblowers,  however, it is important that all whistleblowers work together and report the fraud or illegal activity at the same time.

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