WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Too often people who are impacted the most by hurricanes find themselves victims again when it comes time to make repairs.  Scam artists flood hurricane devastated areas looking for easy money from people who are at their most vulnerable.

It is possible to avoid scams, however.  Attorney Stacy Miller of the Miller Law Group says step one is to use reputable companies.  You should find an online presence for any vendor and they should come in a clearly marked vehicle.  He says to use common sense and don’t utilize the services of someone who seems unprofessional.

He also says that you should look to places like the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army if you need help.

The federal government has practices in place to put a stop to price gouging and that is one of the reason officials declare areas a ‘State of Emergency’ early.  When under a State of Emergency it is illegal to charge more than the established local price for a service.

Miller adds that it is possible to avoid scams by taking your time to make decisions and to seek out legal advice if you are uncertain.


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Don’t suffer twice in a hurricane: How to avoid scams