Assault, Harassment, and the Power of Speaking Up

As more people come forward with accounts of sexual assault and harassment, it is important to reflect on the weight of these accusations and the culture surrounding us. This culture – one where a person cannot even function in a professional setting without the risk of feeling violated or harassed – is completely unacceptable. This behavior should be recognized, analyzed, and retributed. However, speaking up isn’t easy.

In many of these environments, employees feel helpless against a powerful co-worker or supervisor. There is fear of not being believed, losing friends or future jobs, and the long legal road ahead. Speaking up against sexual assault and harassment is frightening, but it is honorable, it is a right, and it is necessary for creating change.

At Miller Law Group, both professionally and personally, we strive each day to give voices to the silenced and seek justice for the victims. Each person deserves a platform for the truth and everyone has a right to be heard. It takes courage to stand up.




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