Different lawyers rely on different ways to attract business.

What does our firm rely on?  Our former clients: reviews of us tell you about the experience they’ve had.

Is there something else that tells our firm’s story?  Our results page gives you some idea of our experience.

Firm Founder Stacy Miller and Personal Injury Practice Leader Sean Cole are both rated “A/V Preeminent” by the Martindale-Hubbell rating service, which combines reviews from clients, other attorneys, and judges to rank lawyers to help the public know which attorneys really know their business, and are the most ethical about getting results.

Still, with all those reviews and our many results, we want to know the facts of YOUR case. We are not a volume firm: that means we turn down more cases than we take. We only want to help if we really think you’ll be better off with us than without us.

Contact us today by clicking here or by calling us at 919-348-4361.  The consultation is free, and we only get paid if we get you a recovery.

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